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FamilySearch - Training

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FamilySearch Part I - Family Tree

Before you use the Legacy-FamilySearch interface it is very important that you understand how FamilySearch's Family Tree works in general. You should be familiar with how to do all of the tasks on the FamilySearch website itself. This is especially important when it comes to merging people. If you start merging people haphazardly you will mess things up for everyone else. Merging is one of the things you can do right through Legacy so you want to make sure you know what you are doing.

The best training for this comes from the Riverton FamilySearch Library. They have a set of 11 training PDFs with a lot of screenshots. Riverton keeps these PDFs updated. Pay special attention to "Fixing a Looping Pedigree in Family Tree" and "Merging Duplicate Records in Family Tree" You can see all of the PDF's HERE.


FamilySearch Part II – Cleanup

Now that you know how the Family Tree works, you are going to want to clean up your data before you try to upload or sync.

Cleanup means making sure all of your data is entered consistently using the genealogy standards accepted by FamilySearch (the formats for names, dates and locations). You will want to visit all of the Master Lists and check them for consistency as well as run the Potential Problems Report and the Find Duplicates routines. Having nicely formatted sources for all of your data is a plus. Once your data is in the best shape that it can be, now you can think about uploading it.

HERE is a webinar on cleaning up your file that Geoff did. This webinar uses Legacy 7 and NewFamilySearch (the predecessor to the Family Tree) but the cleanup strategies are the same.


FamilySearch Part III – Syncing

Now you know how Family Tree works and you have all your data cleaned up so you are ready to sync to Family Tree using the Legacy-FamilySearch interface.

HERE is a free webinar that Geoff did that includes a handout. You will definitely want to watch this before you start using this feature.
HERE is a great pdf that Jim put together that you can use as a reference

 You have now finished your training.