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!Fix this Address

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If after doing a Check/Repair you get an error about "!Fix this Address", download the latest build of Legacy by visiting:


LEGACY 7.5 OR EARLIER: and download the final revision (build) of your version. You may also wish to read "How to Install Legacy 7.5 or earlier on a Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer" at

1. Restore your family file from your most recent, good backup that does not have the "!Fix this Address" error. To restore a family file from a backup copy, please click on File and select Restore Family File.  Next, browse to your backup file and follow the screen prompts. For detailed backup and restore guidance with helpful screen shots please visit:

LEGACY: Please see the article "How to Backup a Family File and/or Media Files in Legacy" at

LEGACY 7.5 OR EARLIER: Please see the article "Backing Up a Family File in Legacy Family Tree 7.5" at

2. Export all of your records into a new Legacy family file:

  1. Click File on the menu bar and select Export To from the file menu.
  2. Choose Legacy File from the submenu and proceed.
  3. Give the file you will export to a new name and click Save.
  4. The Export screen will open. Please click the large Start Export button. (If you get a message about sources, click Don't Assign a Source.)

3. Open the new family file you just created and run File Maintenance - Check/Repair. 

LEGACY: Please see the article "How to Check/Repair your family file - Legacy" at

LEGACY 7.5 OR EARLIER: Click on File> File Maintenance > Check/Repair and follow the prompts. If the error messages occur during the Check/Repair process, click No to continue with the repair. You can also try clicking Yes in some instances. Do step 1 twice if errors are found. After doing step 1, try Legacy again.  If the program works, you can stop here.  No further repairs are needed.

There should be no "!Fix this Address" errors running Check/Repair this time.