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GEDCOM - How to import in Legacy

Author: Reference Number: AA-00493 Views: 39579 Created: 2013-11-13 04:13 PM Last Updated: 2015-08-17 02:57 PM 25 Rating/ 1 Voters

Importing GEDCOM Files Into Legacy

Before importing any kind of file (GEDCOM, etc.), it is strongly advised that you back up your family file before hand. It is also important to update your Legacy file because several GEDCOM problems have been fixed in recent Update files (patches). If there is an import problem, immediately click on Tools and select Undo Import and try importing again with different options selected, or delete the temporary family file are retry choosing different options.  When satisfied with the result, then split the Family View and use the drag and drop method to copy just the individuals, families or lines you want to add to your primary family file.

Tips and Tricks:

Did you know an easy way to import a GEDCOM file is to simply drag and drop it onto the Legacy icon? When Legacy is closed this will automatically launch the program and start the import process! This also works with PAF and Legacy files.

Use the Import Wizard to Make Importing Easy

1. Click on File > Import > GEDCOM File and the Open File dialog box will appear.

2. From the Open File dialog box you can either:

Select the file using the Windows dialog box - where you choose the drive, folder, and file name to open. This is a good choice if you know where the GEDCOM file is saved and how to browse to it.

Have Legacy create a list of files to choose from - where Legacy will collect and display a list of all the appropriate files from all the drives on your computer. This is the best choice if you don't know where the GEDCOM file is saved or don't know how to browse.