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Clean Reinstall Legacy v7.5 and earlier

Author: Reference Number: AA-00371 Views: 29548 Created: 2013-11-08 11:45 AM Last Updated: 2014-07-10 01:58 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

If you are re-installing on a Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer please review before proceeding. Also make sure that you have your deluxe customer number. You can find that by going to Help > General Information in Legacy v7.5 and earlier or Help > About > General in Legacy v8.

A clean re-installation can be done safely following these steps:

1. Browse to the Legacy folder on your hard drive and open it. Next copy all of the files in the Backup subfolder into the Legacy folder (that is from C:\Legacy\Backup\ to C:\Legacy\). This will prevent the “Can’t Find Install.log
" problem.

2. Next, go to the Control Panel and open the Programs and Features tool or the Add/Remove Programs tool (which one depends on the version of Windows), then highlight Legacy Family Tree 7 and remove it.

3. Go back into the Legacy folder and delete all of the files with the following exceptions. Do not delete the LEGACY.USR file and files that end with .LIC. In addition, do not delete any subfolders such as Data, Docs, Geo, Pictures, Sounds, Videos (with the exception of LegacyCharting7.

4. The User Account Control (UAC) must be set to "Never Notify" for Windows 8 and Windows 7; otherwise you may have trouble unlocking the deluxe features with your customer number and experience other problems in the program.

   1. Please open the Control Panel, and type 'UAC' into the search box; then press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and next click on ‘Change User Account Control settings’.
   2. Move the slider bar to the bottom, ‘Never Notify’.
   3. Check the box, then click ‘OK’, and reboot your computer to make the UAC change take effect.

5. Temporarily disable your Internet Security (anti-virus software, etc.)

6. Pl
ease download your earlier version of Legacy from

7. Legacy should only be installed to C:\Legacy. Sometimes we have users who want to install Legacy on and external drive or to C:\Program Files\Legacy. When they experience problems they have to uninstall and re-install to C:\Legacy.

When you download, please keep in mind that many Legacy users have Internet security software (firewall, antivirus program, popup blocker, anti-spyware program, etc.) that blocks Legacy. (Some of the programs that will block Legacy include programs made by Kaspersky, McAfee, and Trend Micro, etc.) To get around this, the makers of many of these applications have instructions for adding programs like Legacy to an "Allowed" or "Trusted" or “Exception” or “Authorized”  list, etc. Please make sure that Legacy is added.