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Legacy Family Tree Hints has stopped working

Author: Jairmie French Reference Number: AA-01054 Views: 23107 Created: 2017-05-17 02:27 PM Last Updated: 2017-11-14 08:45 AM 0 Rating/ 1 Voters

Legacy Family Tree Hints has stopped working

1.  Delete the Legacy9 folder located at C-Drive>Program Files(X86)>Legacy9 and then try downloading Legacy from the following site:

2.  After Legacy is installed again browse to C-Drive>program Files(X86)>Legacy9>Hints>hints.exe and right click the hints.exe file and choose properties and in the properties menu in the compatibility tab set it to always run as administrator.

3.  Make sure the hints.exe is also allowed in your anti-virus/security software/firewall.

4.  Close Legacy and browse to your family file and at the location of your family file you should see many files with the same name as your family file with extensions like FG and RC3 and HDB.  Please delete every temporary file at the location of your family file.  Essentially you should only have one file with the name of your family file and it will have no extension showing or have the extension .fdb showing and should have the Legacy 9 symbol next to the name.

5.  Browse to C-Drive>Program Files(X86)>Legacy9 and in the Legacy9 folder go to the Legacy application and right click it and choose properties.  In the properties menu in the compatibility tab set the compatibility mode to Windows 8.

‚Äč6.  Open Legacy and it should work without issue.  If it does not please send an email to  Let them know you have tried these steps and let them know what exactly you are doing in Legacy when this error occurs.

We have also had users report their Router/Modem security settings blocking the hints.exe.  You might make sure hints.exe is also allowed in your router/modem settings or as a test try lowering the security settings on your router/modem to see if this changes anything.  Make sure to change your security settings back after the test.

We have also seen conflicts with Legacy Hints and the Microsoft .net framework.  Try updating the Microsoft .NET Framework at the following site

If the problem is still occurring after the above steps please try a full re-install of Legacy as well as Legacy hints (this will not affect your data, this will only remove the Legacy program and the setting files that control the program). You will lose any customized settings that you had in Legacy so you will need to redo those.

Close Legacy 9 and browse to Documents>Legacy Family Tree>_AppData and delete the entire _AppData folder.

Next browse to C-Drive>program Files(X86)>Legacy9>Hints and delete the entire hints folder.

Then go to the following site for directions on how to fully remove the Legacy 9 program:

Once Legacy 9 is fully removed you can download the latest build from the following site:

When you install the latest build make sure you disable all security software/anti-virus and run the installation file as administrator (right click it and choose run as administrator). Also make sure no other programs are running when you install Legacy 9 to make sure nothing is interfering.