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Finding Your Customer Number

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A Legacy Customer Number will include dashes and look something like 71-234-567-89. Legacy customer numbers are version-specific. A version 7 customer number will start with a 7; a version 6 customer number will start with a 6, etc. In addition, a Legacy Family Tree 6.0 customer number will not unlock the deluxe features in Legacy Family Tree 8.0, etc.

1. The Customer Number may be on a small yellow or blue piece of paper in the vinyl CD sleeve inside the cover of the printed Legacy manual. It might also be in a vinyl sleeve on the back cover.
2. The Customer Number may be on the installation CD sleeve with a round cellophane window.
3. If you bought a download version from us, the customer number would be in an email message from us that contained the installation directions.
4. If Legacy is installed on a computer and the deluxe features are unlocked, the Customer Number is in the information screen. Please click on Help on the menu bar and select General Information.

If you purchased a download version of Legacy Deluxe, your customer is in the e-mail directions for downloading we sent to you. Check your Inbox, Deleted messages and Spam folder. Please note that a Customer Order Number is not the same as a Legacy Customer number.

If you find your customer number, please take a moment to register it at

If you have further questions, please contact our sales staff at